Bompas & Parr supplies a customised service for all your jelly needs. Jellies and displays can either be integrated into a meal or stand alone as an impressive feature or centrepiece. Our fresh fruit and alcoholic jellies are complimented by stunning, but non-edible, jelly display table or stand which will resist the heat of a venue.

Every event affords a choice of moulds from our unique and growing collection. Bespoke moulds to your own design are also available and are made in our in-house workshop.

Below we outline some of our most common services, within which we can mix and match. Due to their delicate nature we provide a jelly technician to deliver, set up, unmould and plate jellies.

We are always interested in developing our jelly knowledge even further, so feel free to share your wildest jelly dreams with us and we can see what we can do.


We offer everything from traditional Victorian jellies and blancmanges to complex multi-flavour jellies set in a myriad choice of moulds. Typically we provide individually plated jellies alongside a non-edible display or larger volume jellies, often in architectural moulds, that are ideal for sharing. Please see below for our current flavours and prices.

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Learning from the Victorians we add extra gelatine to display jellies to make them firmer to last through the evening.  Using our wide range of moulds we can create stunning displays, suitable for parties, weddings, film and photoshoots.

Jellies can be grouped together on our custom stands or can be created into a lower lying jelly-scape. Jelly-scapes are composed of hundreds of different jellies, often using architectural moulds in a variety of colours and sizes.


Couples keen to avoid stodgy wedding cake can order a huge wobbly tower of jelly instead. Jellies are kinder to the stomach after a heavy meal so make it less likely for guests to fall asleep during the speeches! Our seven-tiered stand is a powerful focus for any wedding party. Up to 120 wobbly jellies can be matched to any colour or theme. Guests are served a range of fresh fruit and alcoholic jellies the moment that the 'cake' is cut.

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Extravagant customised jelly and other food are available upon request for film and editorial purposes. Our food development team are excited about the possibilities of creating beautiful and original food displays.


Our glow-in-the-dark jellies, developed for the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, create an unexpected visual spectacle. This service requires a blacked-out space and is particularly suitable to parties, adventurous weddings and corporate functions. Jellies can be made to glow green, pink and blue with edible glowing jellies being usually restricted to blue.

Previous installations include Funeral Jelly, MOMA, San Fransisco, and Neon Jelly Chamber, London.


After years of jellymongering we have developed a significant archive of moulds. Every event affords a choice of moulds from our unique and growing collection.

Bespoke moulds are also available and are designed by our in-house design team and fabricated in our workshop. Bespoke jelly moulds are available as part of a wider jelly commission or as individual items. Lead times vary depending on complexity of design and finished material but plastic moulds for events are usually achievable with a couple of weeks' notice.

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