Food & Drink

In addition to supporting the studio's commercial and artistic activations with imaginative food and drink options, our full-time development chef, boasting Michelin-star experience and bar development manager can be commissioned for any type of catering event.

They are available to conceptualise bespoke options  or you can choose from a ready menu of 'standard' dishes and drinks that are anything but:

COCKTAILS: a range of standard and premium cocktails
CANAPES: served as part of a drinks reception or meal
BOWL FOOD: light food to go with cocktail and canape receptions
FEASTING: three-course sit-down menus of classic dishes from the Bompas & Parr kitchen for all budgets
JELLY: a list of seasonal jellies, available in a variety of shapes, and the catalyst for Bompas & Parr's  approach to food.

Recent catering projects include:

- Dinner and cocktails for 8,500 for Dinner at the Twits
- Cocktails and canapes for 800 for the launch of Citizen M, Tower Bridge.
- A garden party for 150 to celebrate a knight's 70th birthday
- A wedding party for 120 guests themed around Alice in Wonderful
- A bespoke dinner for 40 industry experts to launch Orbium gin
- Cocktail and canape design for the launch of a new whisky in Hong Kong


Our Party Hire Pieces

Chladni Punchbowl

This epic 90-litre punchbowl conveys not just flavour and aroma but also sound. It contains a powerful tactile transducer that sends soundwaves directly through the liquid it contains, creating standing wave patterns known as Chladni patterns. The soundwaves simultaneously aerate and mix the geranium gin cocktail it contains.

London Fog

Our bespoke fount uses powerful humidifiers to create a 21st century take on the capital’s legendary pea-souper fogs. Tonight, our fog is flavoured with London’s trademark spirit, gin, brought to life in a rosewater-flavoured G&T.

Ode to the Bubble

Indulge in our tribute to the 15 million bubbles contained in every bottle of champagne, expressed through the world’s first edible floating bubbles. Our specially designed plinth uses a bespoke non soap-based formula that has been flavoured with Perrier-Jouet champagne tonight.

Whisky Tornado

This 7-foot curiosity contains powerful humidifiers which work in conjunction with aerodynamic cabinet design to vapourise whisky, which you can breathe in directly to your lungs by sticking a straw in through the side.


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