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The Whisky Tornado is a whisky-based weather system that use powerful humidifiers in conjunction with negative air pressure to create a spinning column of whisky vapour you can taste.

The installation involves the creation of a mesmerising alcoholic twister that can be absorbed directly by the lungs and eyeballs rather than drunk conventionally. Care should be taken however; inhaling the Whisky Tornado will intoxicate as the alcohol is absorbed through the lungs, straight into the blood bypassing your liver.

The tornado motif serves as a visual metaphor for the impact the Scottish weather has on flavour formation in whisky. Sunlight, temperature, rainfall and humidity all contribute to the distinctive aromatics found in the spirit.

Whisky Tornado was developed working with the scientists and technicians at Kingʼs College, London and participants in the Kingʼs Festival of Food and Ideas.

Hereʼs how Dr Mark Freeman, Senior Lecturer in Economic and Social History at the University of Glasgow, explains it:

“Whisky is shaped by the landscape in which it is distilled and matured, and part of Scotland's distinctiveness in this respect is its weather. The weather affects the type of barley that can be grown, the amount and quality of water for making whisky, and the environment in which whisky barrels spend their many years of maturation.

Some highland whiskies are made largely from snow melt-water, and some say that this has a pronounced effect. Sometimes the water can be in danger of drying up, and some distilleries have even employed water diviners to help them to find new sources of pure water for making their whisky.

Some whisky writers argue that whiskies in the casks take flavour from the atmosphere around them, and it is easy to believe this when watching the windswept seas battering the coastlines of the islands on which many single malts are distilled and matured. Battling the elements is part of the romance of the whisky-making story.”

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Cakes served at special occasions can be brutally stodgy. Whether a birthday, wedding or barmitzvah, blowing the cake up spares the stomach after a heavy meal and is a good way to wake guests up for the speeches.

A trained explosives technician will lay charges within your wedding cake, jelly, or food of choice, which you can detonate at the climax of the evening. 

On making a booking an explosives technician (member of the Association of Stage Pyrotechnicians) will liaise with your wedding cake provider on setting the charges and will arrange risk assessments and method statements with the venue. They will attend on the day of the wedding to set the explosives, rig the detonator and supervise the explosion. All explosives are transported within containers meeting the MoDs SEAP 4 security standards as referred to in JSP440.

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