Bompas & Parr throws opens the doors to its secret workshop for a half-day course exploring the mysteries, joys and wonders of jelly.

You’ll learn the complete jellying process, from mould design and production, to how to construct the world’s best jellies.  We'll teach you Bompas & Parr’s quivering jelly secrets, from setting techniques to creating veritable galaxies within desserts, the science of gels and how to unmould with confidence. The workshop culminates in the ultimate jelly feast.

Along the way we’ll explore food as spectacle and wibble-wobble our way through the history of jellies, taking in culinary heroes from Alexis Soyer to Vincent Price and Antonin Carême. Your tastebuds will be put to the test, and every participant will leave with a mould they have made with their own hands.

Lunch by Bompas & Parr
B&P cookbook
Jelly mould

A brief history of jelly
Mould making
Jelly principles
Advance jelly techniques

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