Jelly Services

Bompas & Parr supplies a customised service for all your jelly needs. Jellies and displays can either be integrated into a meal or stand alone as an impressive feature. Often we provide a non-edible, but stunning jelly display table or stand which will resist the heat of a venue and then serve fresh fruit or alcoholic jellies alongside. Every event affords a choice of moulds from our unique and growing collection. Bespoke moulds are also available and are made in our in-house workshop.

Below we outline some of our most common services, within which we can mix and match. We are always up for any opportunity to develop jelly even further, so feel free to share your wildest jelly dreams with us, and we'll see what we can do.

Due to their delicate nature we provide a jelly technician to deliver, set up, unmould and plate the jellies. We do not provide crockery as part of the service but are able to hire in if it is required.



We offer everything from traditional jellies and blancmanges, to architectural jellyscapes, in the most mouth-watering flavours. Typically we provide small individually plated jellies alongside a non-edible display, or larger volume jellies, for example buildings, that are ideal for sharing. 


All of our jellies are made with the finest ingredients. Jelly is often at its most stunning when it has fruit set inside it. As we always aim to get hold of the best ingredients, our fresh fruit jellies tend to be seasonal. Some of our personal favourites include: Elderflower and Summer Fruits and Marbled Cardamom Blancmange.



You can practically turn any delicious cocktail into a jelly. In the kitchens of Bompas & Parr we explore new cocktail recipes weekly. Cocktail jellies are perfect for parties and weddings, and some of our favourite flavours include Spiced Plum and Red Wine, Prosecco, Violet and Gold and Absinthe with Lime.



By adding extra gelatine to jelly, we make them firmer to last: this is what we call display jelly. These are not edible, but with our wide range of moulds we can create stunning displays, suitable for parties, weddings, film and photoshoots.


We have three striking jelly stands which in total hold over 280 wobbly jellies. The largest stand is one metre tall, with seven tiers: the other two have five tiers. Display jellies can be matched in any colour and pattern to the scheme of the event.

For a real spectacular display you can go for all three stands. As seen in our Neon Jelly Chamber, and Funeral Jellies at SF MOMA.

The seven tiered stand alone, is a powerful focus for a party or wedding. 120 wobbly jellies can be matched in any colour or theme Brides keen to avoid stodgy wedding cake can order a huge wobbly tower of jelly instead. Jellies are kinder to the stomach after a heavy meal so make it less likely for guests to fall asleep during the speeches! Guests are served a range of fresh fruit and alcoholic jellies the moment that the 'cake' is cut.


Another way to impress with a beautiful display is by creating what we call a jelly-scape. This could be an architectural jelly-scape, using moulds like St Paul's Cathedral, Brighton Pavilion and Buckingham Palace. Alternatively the jelly-scape can be based around traditional jelly shapes, as seen in the catwalk show display we previously created for Tata Naka, for London Fashion Week. To see some of our selected moulds, have a look at our amazing jellymould archive.


Extravagant customized jelly and other food are available upon request for film and editorial purposes. Our jelly technician and food developer is always up for a challenge, creating beautiful, and original food displays.


Jellies can also glow in the dark! This service require a space that can be blacked out. For a really spectacular display you use all three stands. As seen in our Neon Jelly Chamber, and Funeral Jellies at SF MOMA, or make a glowing jelly-scape. Glowing colours are green, pink and blue.

There is an option of edible glow in the dark jelly, as seen in Funeral Jellies at SF MOMA, though ingredients available to achieve this are limited.


A trained explosives technician will lay charges within your wedding cake, jelly, or food of choice, which you can detonate at the climax of the evening. To launch the service Bompas & Parr collaborated with renowned photographer Ryan Hopkinson on photographs exploring what happens when powerful explosives are detonated inside jellies.

On making a booking an explosives technician (member of the Association of Stage Pyrotechnicians) will liaise with your wedding cake provider on setting the charges and arrange risk assessments and method statements with the venue. They will attend on the day of the wedding to set the explosives, rig the detonator and supervise the explosion. All explosives are transported within containers meeting the MoDs SEAP 4 security standards as referred to in JSP440.