A Love Letter to Cupholders

A publication by Bompas & Parr Editions

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Written as an ode to the beloved cupholder: a beautifully crafted constant in the life of any vehicle owner, 'A Love Letter to Cupholders' explores the powers that the cupholder yields on all kinds of adventures and long journeys fraught with excitement and emotion, fuelled by forecourt shops, drive-thrus and convenience stores.

Featuring exhilarating never-before-seen content:

- In-car energised drinks recipes
- Cupholder anatomy musings
- Interviews with industry leaders from the likes of Matthias Junghanns, Head of BMW i Interior Design.

The limited edition publication can be purchased here.

Why Now?

It has felt particularly poignant to be writing about cupholders this year. According to What Car? magazine consumer confidence around car-buying has risen steadily over the course of the last year, with recent research revealing that more than one in five potential buyers are looking to purchase within the next month, up from 3.5% the year before. An Autobytel survey from 2001 revealed that 27% of all car buyers would switch brands because of the cupholder.

By 2006, the cupholder had become one of the defining factors in car choice (a Wall Street Journal article claimed that 58% of car buyers saw cupholders as somewhat or extremely important when purchasing a car). Arguably its zenith came in 2017, when the Subaru Ascent was launched, quickly gaining iconic status due to its nineteen cupholders. There are plenty of articles about this online, with some claiming that it is entirely possible to fit a grand total of forty-four beverages in and around the Ascent. As we tumble towards a more automated future in sight, in-car entertainment, dining and leisure will play an ever more important role in our lives.

As a future-focused agency, the studio has released a number of strategy reports which deliver insights into these very territories. Explore the Future of P-Leisure and annual Future of Food reports at bompasandparr.com.


'Inside is the new outside. And to give thanks for this, we only need utter a single, simple phrase: cup holder.’ - Matthew Debord, The Big Money, 2009


Turbo-charged launch party

To celebrate the book launch and pump new life into the much-revered cupholder, the studio hosted an exclusive event, featuring a plethora of thrilling party pieces:

- Acceleration Arena – a competitive miniature car racing ring ft. deathly jumps and asphalt burning corners
- Decoration Station – an opportunity for guests to vajazzle their very own (cocktail) vessel for cupholder glory
- Gas Guzzling Bar – super-charged energy drink cocktails, with an option to invigorate further with Ernest Hemmingway’s Carburation technique
- Progressive trance set from DJ White Trash Tray – a high-energy driving playlist to fuel the party
- Roadster Romance – a station where guests can write a love letter to the cupholder, sealed with a delicate spray of new car scent
- Curated reading from the likes of Spanners with Manners (@spannerswithmanners), London's first all-female mechanics’ garage