Carousal: Flavour Funfair

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The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery, Toronto, invited Bompas and Parr to take over and design their annual fundraiser, Power Ball. This year was the fundraiser's 20th anniversary and take over we did.

Carousal: Flavour Funfair. A super-powered, hyper-intense, ultra-glorious Power Plant Power Ball.

Step through Harry Parr's mouth and discover all the fun of the fair: a fairground powered by daring, by excitement, and most importantly, by flavour!

The sense of losing control is central to the sense of the communal carouse and the motion of the carousel. For 2018 the funfair format takes on a thought-provoking new guise as the manifestation of the perpetual search for ecstatic experience, sensory overload and the ultimate satiation, turbocharged through taste positioned as the most impactful sensual stimuli.

Here, based on conversations with Professor Vanessa Toulmin of the National Fairground and Circus Archive at Sheffield University in the north of England, that exposed the sensorial significance of fairgrounds and circuses, and inspired by Toronto-born Al Stencell, former showman and collector of fairground signage, traditional rides and sideshows have been reimagined through the lens of taste in a way that contemporises, enriches and exoticises the guest experience.