Chamber of Wishes

The world’s first bioluminescent algae-based grotto, Merge Festival - London, September 2015

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Chamber of Wishes - September 2015

For the 2015 Merge Festival, we invited guests to look into the light of The Chamber of Wishes, featuring the world’s first bioluminescent algae-based grotto, as part of an installation for the acclaimed South Bank Festival. Open from Friday the 24th September, we created the installation with microbiologist Dr. Simon Park and Allies and Morrison Architects.

Once inside the darkly mysterious chamber, guests discovered an atmosphere shrouded in mist and heavy with the scent of the sea. Delicate neon patterning across the chamber’s floor and walls guided guests to the central attraction, a fragile array of glass wishing bells. Each bell contained briny water thick with bioluminescent algae. By ringing a bell, guests would cast a wish and set the algae aglow with a phosphorescent shimmer.

Upon leaving the chamber, guests chose to share their wishes, both physically and digitally, and had their fortunes read aloud as part of the wishing experience.

Photography & Video by Andrew Thompson – Tommo Photo and Ann-Charlott Omedall