Crazy Golf

A 9-hole mini golf course exploring our utopian vision of a cake-centric London - Selfridges Roof, London - Summer of 2012

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Selfridges Roof, London, Summer of 2012

Visitors were invited to use their golfing prowess to conquer the seven wonders of London realised as cake inspired obstacles. The 9-hole mini golf course explored Bompas & Parr’s utopian vision of a cake-centric London. Novelty golf and exiting food are long time bed-fellows. El Bulli, “the world’s best restaurant”, started life with a miniature golf course. In recent years the connection was been lost so Crazy Golf set out to redress the slight.

The installation returned Selfridges’ roof to its proper place as central London’s golfing destination. In the 1930s Selfridges’ roof boasted a golf course, pleasure garden, café and archaic flight simulator. The golf scorecards smelt like a night of a thousand Bakewell tarts following a project with the snacks, an artificial nose and nanotechnology.

Photography by Ann Charlott Ommedal, Selfridges and Catherine Losing.