Dinner of epochs

A gustatory adventure across the past, present and future - Andaz London, February 2013

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DINNER OF EPOCHS - Andaz London, February, 2013

Bompas & Parr collaborated with chefs Michael Kreiling, Alex Schaefer and Joe Wagenaar to explore the gustatory implications of dining through the ages for the Andaz Liverpool Street’s 5th Anniversary Dinner.

The dinner drew inspiration from the greatest feasts of history, local east London foodways, the architecture and spaces of Andaz Hotel and considered how Londoners may be dining 100 years from now.

Each course was hosted in a different architectural space, from the contemporary 1901 restaurant to the zodiac clad Masonic Temple designed by Brown & Borrows in the greek style. The interior was completed in 1912 costing £50,000 the equivalent of £4m today.

The event culminated with dessert of the future served on a liquid-topped table filled by a suspicious pink fluid within which leeches swam. This proved to be the nemesis of one keen foodist who lost her phone to the flooded tabletop’s murky depths as she went for the dessert instagram.

Photography by Ann Charlott Ommedal.