Drink Like Drake

A travel back to the 16th century origins of mixology - The Golden Hinde, London, April 2014

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Drink Like Drake - The Golden Hinde, London, April 2014

A swashbuckling jaunt aboard Golden Hinde II saw Bompas & Parr travel back in time to recreate the 16th century origins of mixology. This globe-trotting replica of Sir Francis Drake’s ship became the location for a Shakespearean carouse that mirrored the way sailors pre-empted the very notion of bartending by mixing the alcohol they carried to drink with the fruits, spices, teas and fortified wines they picked up on their travels.

It is said that Sir Francis Drake himself was the creator of one of the most popular cocktails today: the Mojito. Moored off the Spanish Main with his crew struck down with fevers and dysentery in 1586, he mimicked the native Indians’ medicine, mixing their local sugar cane spirit with lime juice and mint leaves, to delicious effect.

Celebrating this 16th century mixological might with Grouper, a new dating service launching in the UK, this special event also featured the finest Elizabethan fashions, snuff to sniff, leeches to cure our ills and even a giveaway of the vernacular transport of choice: a horse!

Photography by Addie Chinn and Richard Hanson.