Egg Healing

A shamanic healing hotline for Easter, April 2017

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For Easter 2017, Bompas & Parr launched an egg healing hotline inspired by rituals practised by Mesoamerican shamans. The practice is said to improve and cleanse your physical body and emotional wellbeing with the hotline guiding you through a step-by-step ritual with the natural aim of leaving you feeling purified, inspired and relaxed. This natural detox and spring cleanse is a simple technique that anyone can replicate at home by using what is already in their kitchen.

The hotline was supported with a how-to film that allows anyone to hone their approach to this unusual egg-based Easter activity. As it is a relatively simple technique to master, viewers could move from novice to adept in a matter of minutes, acquiring a new party piece to entertain friends, family and lovers over the Easter weekend. 

An egg is the symbol of life in its purist and simplest form. In Mesoamerican culture, there is the little-known ritual of egg cleansing or limpías, whereby shamans cleared your energy fields and removed the surrounding physical toxins using raw eggs in their shells.

Regular egg healers believe that the eggs are energetically polarised and will draw negatively charged energy away from the body. Some shamans report eggs becoming significantly heavier as they perform the ritual. In more extreme cases, energy fields are reported to become so heavy the egg explodes under pressure. Should this happen during your practice, clean up the mess and start again with a new egg. You have a considerable amount of negative energy to extract.

During the egg healing, a raw egg is rolled all over the body while incense burns in the background, made from the dried sap of the Copal tree. To be effective, the egg needs to move constantly and calmly, rolling across the contours of the body. There is no right or wrong way to do an egg healing but on the hotline and the supporting online video, Bompas & Parr will guide you through to get the most calming output possible. 
Invoke your personal gods and allow the egg to transform your inner self.

To conduct your ritual contact the Bompas & Parr Egg Healing Hotline on (+44) 7565439357 for a step-by-step breakdown of how to practice the ritual at home.

Alternatively, watch ‘Egg Healing with Bompas & Parr’ video here, or follow the steps below.

Egg Healing
Procedure and practical tips:
To conduct your own egg healing, you can choose to apply the egg direct to the skin or through clothes. Whatever you are most comfortable with.

1. First, ask the patient to close their eyes and relax their breathing.
2. Move the egg around the head, making sure you touch the egg inside the ears, round the lips, over the eyes, the back of the scalp and down the sense. Connect with all their senses.
3. Roll the egg across the top of their chest, then move into a swirling motion.
4. Lift each arm and work the egg all the way down the arm to the great energy centre of the hands.
5. Move the egg along and in between each finger, allowing the patient to gently grip the egg for a moment.
6. Make sure you rub across the shoulders, between the angel wings and down the spine to release any tension.
7. Moving to the legs, focus on the sensitivity of the knee caps, remembering the calves and back of the legs.
8. Then moving to the feet, ankles, and in and around the toes.
9. Focus on the soles of the feet, which typically carry our entire weight.
10. Be careful not to break the egg. In the cleansing process, the egg can become heavily weighted and can even explode because of all the energy trapped inside. If this happens, Shamans advise starting again with a new egg.
11. For the last step, ask the patient to blow on the egg, releasing the final bursts of inner tension.
12. The egg healing is now complete.