Feasting with Bompas & Parr

A book so hairy and muscular you can really gorge on it - Published in 2012

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Feasting with Bompas & Parr - 2012
Published by Anova Books

Feasting with Bompas & Parr is a book so hairy and muscular you can really gorge on it. The culinary romp explains Bompas & Parr’s approach to creating spectacular banquets focusing on how to create truly unusual and savage foodie events in your own home.

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The book is so stimulating it demands you genuflect before its sheer brio. It says ‘on your knees’ in meaty tones. Scattered across the pages are techniques for culinary explosions, the cocktails from Aleister Crowley’s séances, medieval meat and the secrets of how to cook like Vincent Price or insult your guests with canny flower arrangements.

With fascinating feature spreads on special feasts through history (including many of their own events of course) and, naturally, outrageous but delicious recipes for food and drinks to make your own feast dramatic and a real talking point for all your guests. In this new book Bompas & Parr offer a glimpse into the world they know best - that of original presentation ideas and exciting new ways to enhance the dining experience. The recipes showcase the best of Bompas & Parr's wild imaginations, accompanied by breathtaking food photography. Explorations of feasting through history offer the intellectual substance in a book that has gravitas as well as being the wildest romp through the culinary world that has yet been seen.

Let the feast commence!

The book was launched in the Barbican's mysterious jungle conservatory. You can see how it went down in this short film by the mighty Tom & Jones:

The party featured the shiniest living thing known to mankind (pollia condensata berries), historical babes, a head shop, steaming Guinness punch, a Ziggurat of Flavour and savage doughnuts.

Guests marvelled at the assorted plant life housed in the conservatory. Notable amongst many greats is the giant specimen of the Monstera Deliciosa  (Swiss cheese Plant) described on the Barbican’s plant plaque thus: Monstera Deliciosa is usually cultivated as an ornamental house plant, but is sometimes grown for its unusual edible fruit. When mature it carries 6-8” creamy arum like spathes followed by green cone shaped fruits. Which when fully ripe taste like mixed fruit salad.

Fortune, glory and nibbles.

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Photography by Nathan Pask and Beth Evans.