Fountain of Hygiene

HK Sanitiser Design Competition

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Fountain of Hygiene: HK Sanitiser Design Competition


The competition is now closed.

Download the full brief HERE.


'An outstanding design project' - DFA Design Awards for Asia



Fountain of Hygiene is an open-call competition to develop inspired takes on sanitiser pumps and hand washing rituals. Designs must be submitted before midnight GMT 18th November to, with judging commencing on Friday 20th November. Winners will have their design showcased at Haw Par Music as part of Business of Design Week CityProg Hong Kong. This is part two of the original campaign which exhibited at the Design Museum, London.

About the competition

Part One – Fountain of Hygiene at the Design Museum

Design has a crucial role to play in helping to solve many of the challenges that we face in daily life, including some of those raised by the COVID-19 pandemic. In March, at the height of the first wave of Covid-19, creatives, designers and makers were invited by Bompas & Parr to develop inspired takes on sanitiser pumps and hand washing rituals, with the competition raising funds to support the work of the British Red Cross. Ultimately, the aim was to explore how people could safely re-enter the public realm. The competition garnered 182 entries from 33 countries and achieved 71 pieces of global press coverage. The winning designs in the 8 categories were showcased at The Design Museum in London and were viewed by over 12,000 visitors throughout August.

Fountain of Hygiene HK select jury revealed

The select jury for the competition is announced:

Sam Lam – Director, Business Development & Projects, Hong Kong Design Centre

Corin Wilson – Director Trade & Investment, UK’s Department for International Trade in Hong Kong

Joshua NG – Bompas & Parr HK

Megan Lam – CEO and Co-Founder at Neurum Ltd

Joanne Chan – Hong Kong-based abstract painter

Roger Wu - Executive Director at Haw Par Music Foundation

Winners and shortlist announced

Hygiene at the Heart of WellBeing

Hugh Stant 'Slow Draw'

Shortlisted entrants:
Christopher Chambers
Sylva Lamm
Chiquita Kusumahadi & Jenny Tse

Performance Amidst Adversity

Carol Ng & Gabriella Lai 'When Sanitizers Sing'

Shortlisted entrants:
Christopher Chambers
Hugh Stant
One Bite Design Studio
Patrizio Bini

Part Two – From the UK to Hong Kong

As the city of Hong Kong emerges from their third wave of Covid-19, the competition is journeying across the globe to relaunch within a new context - at Haw Par Music, a community centre for social, cultural and creative education.

Shortlisted entries will feature in an installation curated by Bompas & Parr, which will be showcased as part of Business of Design Week CityProg (Nov 30 - Dec 5) and hosted at Haw Par Music, Hong Kong, as part of their Heritage X Music programme. It is hoped the exhibition will gain permanent residency here until March 2021.

Fountain of Hygiene wishes to unite the creative community in the challenge to rethink hand sanitisation within the context of Hong Kong and heritage of Haw Par Music, in recognition of the local and global efforts in dealing with effects of Covid-19. We encourage applicants to explore the idea of enhanced sanitisation from a personal and broader holistic wellbeing perspective.

About Haw Par Music

In 1932, Mr Aw Boon Haw, one of Tiger Balm’s heirs, created an architectural feat named Haw Par Mansion as the family’s residence in Hong Kong. Haw Par Mansion is one of the few surviving Chinese Eclectic style pieces of architecture in Hong Kong, and an invaluable heritage site. Adjoining the Mansion and its private garden was the landscaped Tiger Balm Garden, opened in the same year for free public enjoyment until its closure in 2001. Even after it’s demolition in 2004, Tiger Balm Garden remains part of the collective memories of generations.

Today, the revitalised Haw Par Mansion is now operating as Haw Par Music, using music education as a platform for cross-cultural exchange. Music, heritage, and the arts are brought together and joined by a social initiative, providing the perfect platform for Fountain of Hygiene’s latest creative endeavour.

Brief revealed

Download the full brief HERE.

Via an open call, with a deadline of 18th November 2020, all are invited to submit their entries in response to the two categories below.

- Performance Amidst Adversity
- Hygiene at the Heart of Well-Being

A shortlist will be chosen by our panel of distinguished judges with an exhibition at Haw Par Music displaying the concepts presented in these categories. The winning submissions will be displayed in a physical and digital exhibition alongside the winners from Part One of the competition.

The competition is open globally and each participant is able to submit as many entries as they wish. Although English is preferred, submissions in Chinese will also be accepted. Each submission will be evaluated using the following four parameters: creativity, fit for purpose, social impact and presentation. We ask that participants’ concepts have a Hong Kong focus relating to the city's current or future social landscape.

Through a rethinking of the artefacts, gestures, rituals and communication of hygiene and sanitiser gel, the open competition seeks to normalise enhanced cleanliness in both the public and domestic and physical and spiritual realms – from personal hygiene to holistic wellbeing. This is with a view to exploring how people can safely move towards enhanced rhythms of their lives, post-virus.

Global Recognition

Bompas & Parr is collaborating with Haw Par Music for Part Two of Fountain of Hygiene: Sanitiser Design Competition. The project seeks to challenge and inspire the design community to envision the future of sanitiser and safe socialising by exploring the aesthetic, functional, social and experiential possibilities of enhanced hygiene. The shortlisted projects will be presented to the jury on November 19. These experts will select the winners of each category, who will have their proposal heroed alongside shortlisted concepts at the Haw Par exhibition and online. 3D models of past submissions from Part One of the competition will also be exhibited.

Download the full brief HERE.