Future of food 2019

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This is the second Imminent Futures Food Report and, as with our first report, it is differentiated from other ‘trends’ reports by steadfastly refusing to comment on existing patterns and identifying the smallest of seeds being sown that suggest a distinct, interesting and evolution in culinary, cultural and behavioural terms.

This approach reflects a wider strategy that drives Bompas & Parr’s wider projects – it’s one that attracts commercial partners, government agencies and artistic collaborators as it leverages the studio’s capacity to consider and develop nascent ideas before they have already reached critical mass. Our work regularly brings us into contact with scientists, biologists, technologists, artists and other disciplines who work at the cutting edge.

Just like last year’s report, which focused on fasting as a health trend; an expansion of African culinary culture; diets designed to enhance sleep; mixed reality dining companions and other predictions, we will be monitoring the months and years ahead for signs of wider adoption of these and our 2019 trends.