Imminent Future of Food Trends Report

Trends Report, 2018

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Imminent Future of Food
Food Trends Report, 2018


Bompas & Parr has released its first annual report into the future of food. The Imminent Future of Food report constitutes the first official forward-looking predictions the studio has made into eating and drinking and comes with the authority of a decade spent at the forefront of food and drink culture.

The report makes predictions for how our drinking and dining culture will adapt as it responds to changing global culinary influences, technological changes, scientific advancements and wider cultural movements.

In particular it signals how:

-dining with your food and drink, cultural or literary heroes will soon become possible even if they died centuries ago
-fasting will become a prevailing dieting trend
-African tastes, flavours and hospitality styles will become one of the leading culinary influences
-communal eating will drive technological advances to bring artificial intelligence to the dining table
-peer-to-peer eating will see diners use Uber-style interfaces to eat at each other's houses

Sam Bompas, director of Bompas & Parr, said: "Your dream dinner party with the Maquis de Sade, William Shakespeare and your favourite film star or singer is about to become reality thanks to advances in artificial intelligence and mixed reality; our always-on culture and insatiable thirst for something new will see us book in to a new breed of 'restaurants' at strangers' homes; and we'll fast for weeks at a time: these are the realities of the new food environment.

“Now that we have a decade of experience as an agency with a reputation at the cutting edge of food, drink and experience design, it's a natural next step for us to produce a report of this kind."