Institute of Flavour

Guests use their own years of gustatory inspiration and intuition to conceive new flavours of popcorn - London, June 2016

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INSTITUTE OF FLAVOUR - London, June 2016

Bompas & Parr invited the public to be part of a revolutionary new 'crowd-seasoning' initiative allowing them to pick a revolutionary new flavour for popcorn maker Propercorn out of hundreds of thousands of possibilities.

In Soho, Bompas & Parr's Institute of Flavour presented a huge array of predictable and esoteric flavours that collectively represented a potential 300,000 varieites, in a bid for guests to find an audacious but delicious new taste combination and win a lifetime's supply of Propercorn.

With flavours ranging from violet to black truffle and yuzu, guests were guided by 'masters of maize', learning what it takes to create great flavours before creating their own signature seasoning and seeing how it tastes.

The institute also featured a curated display of ancient grains, including some that were 5,000-years-old from central Mexico, with guests able to taste some rare specimens before they chose their own flavours, with the chance that their combination could be listed in stores across the UK and Ireland.

Photography by Marcus Peel and Marc Sethi.