Louis Vuitton 200

Celebrating Louis Vuitton's 200th Birthday

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To celebrate the 200th birthday of Louis Vuitton, Bompas & Parr created two celebratory artworks through the studio’s favourite creative mediums – jelly and fireworks, commissioned by the Maison’s LV200 programme.

He was considered a pioneer for his will to innovate, creating light waterproof luggage that was stackable at a time when trunks had rounded tops and were made of leather. He became known for designing and packing in a most exquisite way.

To start, we created a birthday cake using the ultimate jelly technique inspired by the iconic Louis Vuitton checkerboard motif. The checker’d jelly was prolific during 1821, the year of Louis’ birth, and remains a treasured dessert to this day with expert jelly aficionados.

Perfected by 18th century innovator Elizabeth Raffald who supplied these jellies for ‘cold entertainment’, the checkerboard jelly was also an experimental art of “the father of ‘high art’ French cooking” Marie-Antoine Carême.

We brought it to wobbling life especially for this occasion and captured its magnificent movement using the cutting-edge Phantom Onyx v2640 ultra-slow-motion camera, the most sensitive camera in its class capable of capturing 303,460 frames per second.
With cake on the table, the definitive celebratory spectacle has to be fireworks, ‘the laughter of the soul in the sky’ Josh Billings.

Fireworks have been illuminating festive skies across the world since 960 AD. The physical nature of fire; heat and light carry significant symbolism, from notions of joyous collective celebration to shared civic space and cultural crescendo. Our fireworks chamber is hotbox of sparkling festivity, featuring a canape of (birthday) cakes, roman candles and cherry bombs, captured using the same ultra-slow-motion technology.

A fitting addition to a banging birthday.

The artworks can be seen in Louis Vuitton windows across the world and on the Louis Vuitton website.