Lumen Ramen Bar

World's First Glowing Ramen Bar

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World's First Glowing Ramen Bar

Bompas & Parr has collaborated with Zoo-as-Zoo to create the world's first glowing ramen bar in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Lumen Ramen Bar opened as a pop-up on Edgewood Avenue, until February 16, then moved to Paris on Ponce design warehouse from February 20.

The three recipes offered are the result of culinary innovation from Bompas & Parr's development chef that involves carefully balancing Vitamin B2 and quinine with fat and water – a development of the studio's earlier work that has seen the launch of the world's first glowing gelatin dessert chamber for Moma in San Francisco.

The aim of the collaboration is to ensure people are exposed to something uniquely novel, that captivates and challenges each of the senses – creating a distinctive memory, both in their mind and on their camera phone.