Ode to the Egg

Easter 2020: A collection of egg-based poetry and ephemera 

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Ode to the Egg

Easter 2020: A collection of egg-based poetry and ephemera

For the simple joy of it, we pulled together a 12-page collection of egg-based poems, recipes and rituals, Ode to the Egg during the COVID-19 pandemic. There’s still a place for pleasure in the thick of it. 

The slight volume includes a means to tell the divine future using eggs (should readers have been able to find one) through shamanic techniques. As well as plentiful of egg-centric puns and details of the Wallace Collection’s egg perfumer, the publication contains poems by John Keats, Ezra Pound, Robert Louis Stevenson and an excerpt of John Waters. One piece of verse is written by artificial intelligence and readers were invited to guess which. 

Sincerely wishing all readers health, sociability, safety, and oases of pleasure. Here are some highlighted verses:

Poetic Hen
I am a grave poetic hen
That lays poetic eggs
And to enhance my temperament
A little quiet begs.
We make the yolk philosophy, 
True beauty the albumen.
And then gum on a shell of form 
To make the screed sound human.

- Ezra Pound 

A Brief Encounter
Oh sublime egg, you fill me so. 
Healing my mind, my soul and I know.
I must away with a nourished heart, 
Savouring how you taste whilst we’re apart.

- Rian Coulter 

Download and print your own copy of Ode to the Egg HERE.

Photography by Bence Balla Schottner, Miguel Andrade, Ann Charlott Ommedal, Wallace Collection and Bompas & Parr