Paradise Now

Eccleston Yards, 7th-15th September 2018

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Paradise Now at Eccleston Yards was London's first well-being playground – a free, outdoor, urban installation that combined leading wellness trends to create a space based around the idea of supercharged relaxation.

From biohacking to nootropics, rehydration technology, urban nature bathing and touchscreen chromo-therapy, Paradise now was designed to make you feel like you've just returned from holiday – from just a 30-minute drop-in session. Everything about the experience – from what guests saw to what they heard, smelt, tasted, even the temperature of the air, was specially designed to aid relaxation and revitalization.

Many of the features and interactions of the spa were presented in a striking pink-hued structure – specifically Baker Miller pink, a colour scientifically proven to relax and reduce anxiety, previously used in prisons in the United States but now recognised for navigating the stresses and strains of life in the urban jungle.

The installation invited guests to bask in a perpetual sunset on vitamin-infused dunes; relax and rehydrate under colourful mist falls; and cleanse themselves with enriched London rainwater geologically filtered to mimic the taste and mineral content of rare springs from around the world.

The experience was commissioned by Grosvenor Britain & Ireland and designed by London creative studio Bompas & Parr for Eccleston Yards. Eccleston Yards is a new retail and co-working destination for foodies, creatives and wellness lovers.