Project Everyone Ice Cream Van

Vale Royal, King’s Cross, 10th-12th June

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We gave out thousands of free ice creams to Londoners - all in the name of global fairness.

As part of Richard Curtis's Project Everyone campaign to promote the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals to make planet earth a fairer place, we created a series of flavours and toppings that let Londoners fight global unfairness by putting ice cream in their mouths.

Customers chose their ice cream based on deliciousness, then picked their topping based on how they'd like to see the planet made fairer - from 17 toppings, each of which was matched to one of the UN's 17 Global Goals to make the world a better place. Think edible rice-paper windmills to symbolise the goal of Affordable & Clean Energy or chocolate bricks to symbolise the goal of Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure. There was even a topping of edible buffalo worms farmed with low-impact methods for any daring eaters who'd like to demonstrate their commitment to the idea of Responsible Consumption & Production.

Once they'd done it, they were asked to share a picture with their Global Goals Ice Cream and how they plan to implement its goal using the hashtag: #globalgoals

During the three day run, the Ice Cream Van Of Justice was parked near Granary Square – a particularly appropriate location, given that King's Cross was once the home of the ice trade in the UK. It also took place during the CogX Festival of AI and Emerging Technology, making it perfectly placed to target innovators and people dedicated to thinking about the future.

Photography: Project Everyone