Sausage Social

A celebration of the universal sultan of savour across the globe, the sausage - Taipei, July 2016

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Sausage Social - Taipei, Taiwan, July 2016

For World Design Capital Taipei 2016, Alice Wang Design Studio invited Bompas & Parr to reinvent the traditional night market experience.

Inspired by the night markets of Taipei, and centring on the sausage as an internationally recognised sultan of savour, the result was Sausage Social, a two-day epic sausage-sampling odyssey at the Taiwan Design Museum in Taipei, fusing the flavours, aesthetics, cultures and stories of Taiwanese and UK culinary culture.

The installation began with a sausage gambling game based on the Taiwanese tradition of Xi Ba La fused with English pub game Pass the Pigs. In another corner of the ‘market’ guests played sausage darts for a slice of hypnotic hybrid sausage (a brand new sausage designed for World Design Capital 2016).

For the first time in history we charted the evolution of sausage in a family tree – showing the growth of sausages from antiquity to today. On the walls hung regal sausage portraits of some of the more powerful players from the sausage family tree.

A sausage stamping station allowed guests to commit their own sausage memories to paper. Guests also sampled a sausage tea, fusing English tea rituals and Taiwanese bubble tea, toasted with edible meaty shot glasses filled with Shaoxing wine and finished with a sweet rice sausage merging a traditional rice pudding and the Taiwanese rice-coated sausage.

At the centre of the market stood the 7-foot high Sausage Globe; a bespoke musical instrument that played the Sausage Symphony. – 24 complementary tracks taken from encased-meat-loving countries. The sausage symphony was created by sound designer and composer Dom James, made up of 24 musical tracks based on the traditional sounds from encased-meat-loving countries across the world. Touch-sensitive light-up sausages triggered each track and sausage-based shout out to play. Inspired initially by Disney's 'It's a small World' the instrument represented the harmonious coming together of people across the world, via the sausage.