Snowscape at aqua shard

aqua shard restaurant, November – December 2018

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Contemporary British restaurant aqua shard revealed its highly anticipated annual Christmas tree ‘Snowscape at aqua shard’, this year in collaboration with Bompas & Parr. A beautiful snowstorm whirling inside a modern grand sculpture, which stood 8m tall inside aqua shard’s vast triple storey atrium overlooking the London skyline.

Taking inspiration from an ornamental snow globe and The Shard’s distinguishable angular shape, Bompas & Parr designed a traditional snow globe on a monolithic and architectural scale complete with swirling snow inside. The Christmas tree seeks to reconcile the fact that although more than half of all Christmas Days are technically defined as 'white Christmases', there has only been widespread covering of snow on the ground four times in the last 51 years. Climate change makes white Christmases even more unlikely.

Guests were able to interact with Snowscape, by reaching inside the structure through a specially cut pocket in the side of the tree. They simultaneously felt the breeze of the perpetual whirling snowstorm, whilst having the chance to win a Snowscape cocktail if they managed to catch an elusive golden snowflake.