The Bulldog Gin Flavour Accelerator

Field Day, 8th-9th June

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For this two-day experience, we created a celebration of the feeling of refreshment you get from a gin and tonic: a selfie booth that lets you become the gin and tonic.

In partnership with Bulldog Gin for Field Day 2019, we devised a photobooth that takes your photo while you're blasted with a turbocharged cloud of chilled CO2. Participants in The Bulldog Gin Flavour Accelerator also experienced the aroma of gin being fired into the air. Thus making them feel as though they’d taken a dive into a delicious glass of gin and tonic.

Found in the Bulldog Gin Yard, festival goers were given ear protection to don before stepping into the Flavour Accelerator. The precipitation and chill served to enhance the experience to give those brave enough to enter the taste of the Bulldog Gin Supersonic Gin & Tonic; effectively spatialising the drink in the most dramatic way possible.