The Gingerdrome

A toast to whisky, ginger, fire and ice - Mexico City, October 2014

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GINGERDROME - Mexico City, October 2014

Guests of Johnnie Walker in Mexico City embarked on a multi-sensory journey into the heart of a glass of Johnnie Ginger earlier this month, courtesy of Bompas & Parr.

The Johnnie Ginger Tour kicked off with a party for 800 in Mexico City's Blackberry Auditorium, converted into an architectural manifestation of a glass of Johnnie Ginger (Johnnie Walker Red Label Scotch whisky and Ginger) with a variety of experiential touches that manifested the drink's trademark appeal: cold and refreshing, with a touch of spicy heat.

Having been invited to the event with a flammable invitation that revealed the destination, guests were first met with a giant ice sculpture of the brand's new chalice glass - conceived by Bompas & Parr and soon to hit the shelves of a bar near you - before choosing between a cold, aromatic sauna flavoured with a Johnnie Ginger mist and a super-heated lounge area with bubbling 'lava' at its centre.

As the party took shape, building into a fully fledged pop concert with pyrotechnics and a late-night confetti drop, Bompas & Parr premiered its Aroma Vortex Cannon, propelling ginger-smelling smoke rings 20-metres across the auditorium.

Photography by Ann Charlott Ommedal and Fabrik.