The Imminent Diorama

November 2017, Horniman Museum and Gardens

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This year, to mark eighty years since the National Trust’s first protected views were proposed, Bompas & Parr  collaborated with the National Trust and the Horniman Museum and Gardens on a new installation, ‘The Imminent Diorama’, to sit atop one of London’s finest unprotected views of the city at the Horniman.

The interactive installation, designed by Bompas & Parr,  allows the public to see this breath-taking view as it is now, and as it could appear over the next eighty years if unprotected. The installation highlights the delight and importance of views to Londoners, and the current lack of protection around certain views in the capital.

Following a public call-out in October 2017 to submit futuristic and dystopian visions of London, the final installation includes the work from high-calibre artists, illustrators and architects: Studio Octopi, Carl Turner Architects, Design Haus Liberty, David Bray, Collective Works LLP, Augustine Coll, Scamp Factory and Duncan Catterall.

The Imminent Diorama, brings together contrasting artistic points of view in one engaging, thought-provoking and interactive installation, allowing members of the public to ‘leaf through’ the final collection in front of the actual view from the Horniman’s Gardens.

This project is part of a wider National Trust initiative on urban views and urban design to protect new views in the city that will run over the coming year. The views suggested by the public will be assessed by a panel of experts and a proposal will be submitted to the Mayor of London as the new London Plan goes out for consultation, offering a chance to influence the future skyline of London.

The Imminent Diorama will be at The Horniman Museum and Gardens from 13th to 26th November and is free to visit.

More information can be found here.