The Reach

The Macallan APAC Dining Experience Toolkit

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"The Reach is a single malt whisky drawn from a single cask in which it has slumbered these past 81 years." - The Reach Book, The Macallan


Bompas & Parr developed a concept, named ‘The Awakening’ for a dinner experience to launch The Reach across four key markets in APAC - Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing. The concept took into consideration the attributes of time, history and collaboration, and importantly looked to create a dinner experience fit to launch The Macallan’s oldest age statement whisky.

This experience celebrated culinary and technical craft techniques of the past that have determined our futures, allowing us to see the old in a new light. As the dinner progressed, guests were ‘woken’ to new possibilities, as The Reach was woken from its 81 years of slumber. A true celebration of time, guests to the dinner discovered the incredible stories of the three time periods and characters that played a key role in The Macallan’s history.

The menu travelled from soporific starters, through to more energized desserts, building the anticipation of the reveal of the bottle.

At the end of the dinner, drapes that surrounded and cocooned the table dropped using a kabuki technique, to reveal that the guests were actually sat in a grand room full of history. As the drapes dropped, the environment became much brighter. A bottle of The Reach was revealed in the centre of the table. The Reach was within the table the entire time, and became the very last thing to open. The final cocoon as the guests were awakened to a new future with The Macallan.