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Future of P-Leisure

A new forward-focused report on the future of how the public spend their leisure time.
Future of P-Leisure

A pivot point in the evolution of society

London, 2022: What is P-Leisure? This report was framed around the idea of ‘public leisure’ – a deliberate evolution of traditional definition of pleasure.

Historically, leisure activities were once only for the middle to upper classes – only they had free time and sought new experiences that delighted and entertained, away from the mundanities of everyday life and work. It allowed people to meet others and revel in shared new experiences.

Fast forward to the present day and the idea of ‘public’ and ‘leisure’ has changed somewhat. The world is tumbling towards peak sharing, and the idea of privacy is seemingly lurking in the shadows of daily digital stories.

How we choose to spend our free time, and how public we make those activities, are arguably crucial pivot points in the evolution of society.

Our six predictions for the future of public leisure include:

Streaming Districts

This prediction foresees a future of P-leisure whereby cities are taken over by platforms such as Netflix, Disney+ and Prime in order to provide fans with the experiences they need in order to fulfil their fandom desires.

The Bank of Time

Time is said to be the new marker of luxury. In a world of shortcuts, visual chaos and ever shortening delivery services to allow for ultra convenience, time is becoming a luxury as we try to cram as much into our everyday lives as possible.

Everlasting Evolution

Arts and theatres have always played a huge role in leisure activities throughout history. Today, we are seeing a shift towards a more decentralised approach to creativity, with audience involvement in the creation of product and content.

Underwater Frontiers

As we see people choose to spend their money on flights up to space, away from our planet, we’ll see a new cohort choose to adopt exploration of our current planet, going deeper underwater for tourist excursions to drive new connections with our home of Earth.

What Does Heaven Look Like Anyway?

What if our future ‘p-leisure’ activities were creatively directed by children? Imagine a world where you, as an adult, can momentarily step back into the mind of your 6 year old self - a mind that hasn’t had to think about paying rent, or what you’ll cook for dinner tonight.

Ultra-Personalised Fun

We once all got used to wearing 3D glasses to see films literally spring out in front of us at the cinema - what if we all wore personalisation glasses that placed your face within the film you were watching. Hyper indulgence of the self.

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