Bompas & Parr

Big Bold Jelly

A deliciously wobbly activation for Swatch to mark the re-release of its iconic Jellyfish watch.
Big Bold Jelly

Retro-futuristic joy turns your tongue blue

London, 2020: Bringing the past into the future, Swatch released the BIG BOLD JELLYFISH watch in 2020, a redesign of the hugely popular 1983 model.

To mark the launch, Bompas & Parr developed 40 giant jelly replicas of the watch with its iconic translucent case and coloured hands. Each jelly was hand-delivered to a carefully selected group of 36 media giants and influencers, including Esquire, Conde Nast, I-D Magazine and Wallpaper.

Flavoured with bubblegum, the jellies channeled the iconic taste of the '80s, while watch hands turned recipients' tongue blue, just like those retro sweets.