Adventure Hamper

A hamper to inspire and provision you for adventure and wild celebration - Stocked in Selfridges, London, Christmas 2011

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Stocked by Selfridges, London, Christmas 2011

Hampers today are shriveled husks of former glory. Disappointing corporate gifts containing lame shortbread and wimpy brandy butter. Hampers used to be about exploration provisions to stimulate and succor warriors, missionaries and adventurers as they set out across the world.

The Bompas & Parr Adventure Hamper restored the hamper to its pedestal of
manly vigour. The sort of thing that would inspire and provision you for adventure and wild celebration.

Whether you were conquering uncharted mountains passes in Afghanistan, exploiting mineral resources in the Amazon, mapping the lost River Fleet in London or having a party blow-out this kit would help you do it.

It included a hand customised ice axe, bio-luminescent lollies for mountain rescue, functional pickles that could help with malaria and jellyfish stings, rescue flares, maps, flash paper packaging, the St Bernards Keg of overproof gin and a magnum of a vintage champagne alongside a spread of other exotic kit.

Portrait by Nathan Pask. Photography by Ann Charlott Ommedal