Air-fresheners of the Apocalypse

To freshen up your vehicle on your last drive - Beach London, May 2015

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Air-fresheners of the Apocalypse - Beach London, May 2015

What smell would give you comfort and reassurance in the wake of an apocalyptic earth event, nuclear war, biblical plague or alien invasion? We put that to the test by commissioning a series of illustrators to imagine what aroma they would like to inhale as they made potentially their last drive across such a wasteland, and to create an illustration that brought their vision to life.

Bompas & Parr then set about creating bespoke aromas which were paired with each illustration, making up the results into a series of air fresheners that could be hung from their rear-view mirrors.

The work of illustrators Essy May, Stevie Gee, Rob Flowers, Pete Fowler, Adam Higton, Edward Carvalho Monaghan, Emma Rios, Marcus Oakley and Tom Sewell was showcased at Beach London gallery in Shoreditch from May-July 2015, with aromas including scorched earth, bacon and passionfruit, alongside apocalyptic cocktails, heavy artillery, plasma ball obelisk and a Gunge Tank of Lurid Doom.

Photography by Ann Charlott Ommedal.