Ballantine’s Time Slowing Experience

A concept by Bompas & Parr

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Time Well Spent: Through multi-sensory design, Ballantine's Korea captured the art and science of slowing down time within the ‘Ballantine’s Time Slowing Experience’ - a concept by Bompas & Parr, delivered in collaboration with Pernod Ricard, which celebrated the maturation and exceptional single malts of Ballantine’s Scotch whisky.

For the The Ballantine’s Time Slowing Experience guests progressed through a series of chambers, each calibrated to slow time and enhance whisky tasting with a different combination of set design, lighting, special effects, story telling and ritual.

At the end of the journey each guest discovered that their sense of time had been significantly altered: Guests perceived that over the course of the experience, they had gained time.

How we perceive time is not always accurate. Depending on our circumstances, time may seem to contract or expand, speed up or slow down. Dr. David Eagleman, neuroscientist and foremost researcher on time perception, calls this phenomenon “brain time,” and unlike clock time, its measurements are very subjective. If we give people the right experiences, we cannot only make them feel as though they’re taking part in time well spent. We can make people feel like they’re experiencing more time well spent.

The experience was live between November 11 - 15, 2021 at Monaco Space in Seoul.