Benham & Froud Jelladrome

A pioneering dessert concession at Arcade Food Hall, London

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Tuesday - Friday 08.00 - 23.00
Saturday 10.00 - 23.00

Benham & Froud – a luxury jelly company by Bompas & Parr

Benham & Froud revives the fortunes of the British company, founded in 1785, that once made the ‘Rolls Royce of jelly moulds’, all stamped with a signature orb and cross. In 1821 Benham & Froud made the replacement orb and cross for St Paul’s cathedral and adopted the famous sigil that marks the most remarkable historic copper jelly moulds of yesteryear. Now, through Benham & Froud’s Jelladrome, the orb and cross is extolled on British dining tables once again.

The Jelladrome by Bompas & Parr and JKS Restaurants is a pioneering luxury dessert counter at Arcade Food Hall Centre Point, New Oxford Street. The dessert concession debuts two new brands - Benham & Froud; a luxury jelly company, and Marshall’s; fancy ices inspired by the remarkable Agnes B. Marshall, serving up shareable architectural trifles layered with jelly and blancmange, alongside boozy jelly shots and nostalgic penny licks, which Benham & Froud will revive after over a century of unlawfulness.

A mouth-watering revival

The penny lick was banned after 1899 because of a perceived link with the spread of disease, including tuberculosis. It would appear they were never legalised for street vendors as they were replaced by the edible cone. Working with British glass manufacturers John Moncrieff Ltd. the classic lick is re-emerging after 122 years of unlawfulness with a rigorous modern-day cleaning routine.

Benham & Froud’s Jelladrome Menu

The Jelladrome installation for Arcade is the first physical site from which customers can purchase architectural trifles, penny licks, miniature jelly shooters and Benham & Froud jelly making kits and merchandise.

The architectural trifle menu is composed of three deserts with a sophisticated flavour complexion and intriguing mouthfeel. Let your tongue wrangle its way through full-bodied ice cream and crunchy toppings, wobbling jelly and sauce, through to blancmange on a brown butter biscuit base garnished with an orb and cross branded sable biscuit.

Dessert counter delights

The design of the counter draws cues from London’s iconic St. Paul’s Cathedral architecture colliding with the ecstatic visual language of the arcade and the sensual and luxurious desserts to be served. This will be used to create a dynamic new architectural order in line with the recently identified New London Fabulous school.

The eye-catching concession will sit alongside new F&B brands from the likes of Bebek!Bebek! serving Indonesian street food to Saborcito, the sister of Michelin-starred restaurant Sabor.

Marshall’s ice cream

Marshall’s sees the legendary ice-cream pioneer revived through the infamous penny lick.
The penny lick was a cheap and popular outdoor 19th century treat; a small scoop of ice-cream served in shallow glass bowls from carts but were not washed between customers.

Jelladrome Menu


Ice Cream & Sorbet Scoops

Dark Chocolate Ice Cream
Vanilla Cardamom Ice Cream  
White Chocolate Ice Cream  
Strawberry Ice Cream  
Passionfruit Sorbet (ve option)  
Coconut Sorbet (ve)  

Jelly Trifles

Chocolate Sundae 
Mango Colada
Strawberries & Cream 

Jelly Shots

Mango Colada
Chocolate Old Fashioned