Casey Cornucopia

Bunjil Place, Melbourne, June 2022

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As part of Bunjil Place’s Casey Cornucopia festival last month, Bompas & Parr created a series of fruit weather sculptures showcasing the heritage of Casey’s foodways and the remarkable produce of the region.

Fruit Weather filled the air with fruity vapours developed in collaboration with JPL Flavours. The multi-sensorial exhibits were designed to enhance taste perception as meteorology and pomology (the study of fruit) collided.

Bompas & Parr’s installation will bring to life fruit, vegetables & plants that are indigenous to the local area. On any given day visitors were able to step inside the architectural sculptures chosen to celebrate the vibrancy of Casey, Australia:

• The Apple - Chosen for its iconic symbolism (love, knowledge, wisdom) and indigenous, locally farmed varieties from Montague Orchards
• The Chocolate Lily - Selected for its local native connections, its beauty, and of course its unexpected scent
• The Celery - Chosen for its distinctness to Casey and its fresh smell, Casey accounts for one-quarter of Melbourne's vegetables and the bulk of its celery