Cryptozoological Haggis Workshop

London, January 2018

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Cryptozoological Haggis Workshop
Bompas & Parr Studio, London, 2018

The Wild Haggis, native to the Highlands and commonly found scurrying quickly around the steep mountains, was finally tamed in a workshop devised by Bompas & Parr. This Burns Night celebration nodded to the Scots’ tradition of toying with unsuspecting tourists with apocryphal tales of the legendary creature, which is thought to balance on its two hind legs as it peers through long grass and heather to avoid the hunt.

Guests to the world’s first Cryptozoological Haggis Workshop explored the humble haggis as its folklore ruse alongside fellow mythical or cryptid creatures – think mermaids, sea serpents and of course the Loch Ness Monster – as they chose the flavours and fillings to create their own personalized haggis, tailored to their palate.

Led by expert cryptozoologist Richard Freeman, Zoological Director of The Centre for Fortean Zoology, the world's only full time mystery animal investigation organisation, the workshop built on tall tales of other unknown animals such as the Tasmanian wolf, the yeti, the giant anaconda, the orang-pendek, the Mongolian Deathworm and the almasty to commemorate the life and poetry of Scottish national treasure Robert Burns.

On arrival, guests were greeted with a cocktail made with haggis-infused vodka and the scent of fresh grass to transport them to the Highlands, while a Scotch Mist floated into the space flooded with emerald light to reveal a grand haggis sculpture which stood as an erstwhile altar to Burns himself.

A variety of welcoming canapes inspired by different cryptid creatures embodied everything from the essence of the dragon-like Oillipheist, to mineral-rich tasters reminiscent of the Loch Ness Monster, before guests chose from a vast flavour library in the studio’s innovation kitchen to create their own unique haggis, guided by Bompas & Parr’s development chef.

Harry Parr, director of Bompas & Parr, said: “For Burns night, we pay tribute to this great creature, the Haggis, and place it on a pedestal level with its fellow Scottish mythical legends. From the mermaid Ceasg, to the sea snake Stoor Worms, and the ultimate cryptid creature of all, Nessie, it’s clear the legends of the haggis play a key role in Scottish folklore. Guiding our guests on how to tame the wee beasties, everyone is sure to leave this workshop with a tasty example of the species.”