DNA Dining

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DNA Dining - London, June 2017

Bompas & Parr teamed up with Ancestry DNA to present DNA Dining, the world’s first DNA-driven and hyper-personalised culinary experience.

Each of the courses were then specifically designed to reflect the DNA of one of our four pairs of diners, based on their genetic heritage and ethnicity. The specially created dishes bought to life each pair’s personal ancestry in a sensorial and delicious way that unveiled surprises, confounded expectations and revealed much about how our palates are coded to our culinary and ethnic ancestry. 

By analysing diners' DNA before the meal, we were able to represent their personal genealogical heritage on the plate. Wel also discussed throughout the dinner, how the palate has evolved according to your antecedents, and imagining a future in which recipes and ingredients better match predilections you may previously have thought were purely personal decisions.

Photography by Kitty Wheeler Shaw and xxx