Imminent Future of Food 2022

December 2021

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Download the report HERE.


Bompas & Parr has published its fifth annual report into the future of food. The Imminent Future of Food 2022 report summarises the zeitgeist thinking from the studio for this year, stepping ever radically into challenging what we will be eating and drinking imminently. From Hypnotic Dining to identifying Dates as the next big culinary trend, the report comes with the authority of over a decade spent at the forefront of food and drink culture. As with previous reports, this is not a comment on what we have already seen being written about - this is a slice of visionary thinking into the near future.

The Imminent Future of Food delivers ideas for how our drinking and dining culture will adapt as it responds to changing global culinary influences, technological changes, scientific advancements and wider cultural movements. Following another rollercoaster of a year that’s seen ‘freedom day’, CEOs jet themselves into space and more covid variants enter the atmosphere, the studio’s creative flexes to define a different future become ever paramount.

In this report, see thoughts on altering states through self-hypnosis, where we explore the 99% of the mind that is often overlooked and how this can impact dining, inspired by a man who underwent dentistry surgery without pain medicine. We also look at geophagy and the nutrients that soil contains, which leads us to the premonition of a future of eating a mountain for breakfast. No report can be written about at the moment without a look to the impact of the pandemic - we all hoped that this years freedom day would signify the end of the monotonous curves of coming in and out of lockdown, yet we find ourselves on the edge of new restrictions once again. This report looks at how this is affecting the way we eat and drink, and a future of excessive living.

Download the report to discover the six predictions, including:

- Hypnotic Dining
- Food in the Metaverse
- Geophagy for Health
- Dates, Dates, Dates
- Road to Excess
- Tea is the New Coffee

Why go beyond trends reports?
This sort of report is becoming ever more relevant. The speed of the food cycle is increasing exponentially. Regular trends reports may have more qualitative and quantitative data, but by the time they are published, the trend is probably over. You certainly won’t gain much traction from it, should you explore your own variant. While the TikTok food trends of two weeks ago may make the write-up, those wishing to appear innovative should steer away – any subsequent version will look derivative. Instead, we hope this report serves to inspire others to some original thought that interpret these findings and predictions in their own way – that it becomes a goad to creativity in its own right and can help shape the zeitgeist in a more meaningful way rather than being more simply a journal of record.

Download your report HERE, and keep an eye out on our Instagram page for news on a live presentation of this report in the coming weeks.