Joy of Bees

A pop-up experiential installation offering the world’s most extensive honey tasting

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The Joy of Bees by Relais & Châteaux flies into Milan for Del Salone del Mobile 2018

From April 20th to 21st, Relais & Châteaux, the hotel and restaurant association, opens an artistic installation centred around a tasting of some of the world’s most exclusive honeys. This beautifully botanic experience will transform the heart of the city’s Brera design district with an oasis of peace and tranquillity, showcasing the issues surrounding bee conservation in an enchanting ‘floating garden’.

This event, which first premiered in London, will allow guests to escape from the frenzy of Del Salone del Mobile in a reflection of Relais & Chateaux’s commitment to protecting the delicate ecosystems around us in which bees play such an important role. At a time when multiple bee species feature on endangered watch lists, there’s
no better time to recognise their role as pollinators and to celebrate them through the delicious honey they produce.

The Joy of Bees will feature honeys from hives directly maintained by Relais & Châteaux properties throughout the world, and demonstrate how their chefs and
bartenders use the unique honeys in their culinary creations. From Italian honeys from Arezzo in Tuscany to Japanese forest nectars from Masumoto, coastal
Christchurch, New Zealand and island Jersey honey, the collection manifests a huge range in tastes, flavours and textures, from simple syrup-like notes to richly sherried and even umami-like characteristics.

The rare opportunity to taste a variety of honeys in parallel brings a new dimension to understanding the impact different plants and climates have on taste, texture and
aroma, and will give guests a new appreciation of the impact of why this ‘environmental design’ is crucial to protect. In addition, visitors to The Joy of Bees unique floating garden will be able to tune out to the sound of 20,000 live honey bees, whose buzzing from a bespoke transparent hive will provide an ever-changing, mindful and meditative sonic backdrop. With honeybees’ wings buzzing 240 times per second, the frequency is referenced by yoga practitioners as inspiration in a relaxing breathing technique which you can learn.

Harry Parr said: “By immersing our guests in a world of honey everyone will leave better informed about how varied its taste can be. The Joy of Bees gives a fresh reminder of how incredibly important bees are to our environment.”