Pancake Magic

A Box of Food and Magic for Lyles Golden Syrup - Stocked in Harvey Nichols for Pancake Day, March 2011

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Stocked in Harvey Nichols, London, March 2011

Since the dawn of time food and magic have been intertwined. Magical practices have contributed to a general improvement in the variety and wonder of what we can put in our stomachs today. Alchemists probing the mysteries of the occult failed to find the philosophers stone but managed to transform base wines into powerful spirits – the raw ingredients for today’s cocktail culture.

Until the release of this magic kit the secret knowledge, arcana and chemicals that enable the performance of food magic were held by an elite crew of kitchen professionals. The kit, launched with a performance by Bompas & Parr at the Magic Circle, allows anyone to be food magician. It included bioluminescent chemicals, fractal sauces and a tiny magician’s assistant in the form of a leech.

Photography by Nathan Pask.