Sausage Séance

What happens when the art of sausaging collides with the supernatural - London, August 2017

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Sausage Séance - Last Tuesday Society, 15th August 2017

Bompas & Parr presented the world’s first Sausage Séance, an evening that explored what happens when the art of sausaging collides with the supernatural.

Guests experienced a sausage-making master class followed by a spirit-summoning workshop designed to celebrate the joys of encased meats. Set in a mysterious temple under The Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities in East London, the Sausage Séance wass a full frontal sensory experience, steeped in the occult and ending with an elaborate Sausage Feast to honour the spirits.

Guests were guided through the evening by an enigmatic host who protected the guests against unwanted or negative spirits throughout the night.

On arrival, each guest was provided with a welcome drink, distilled with herbs known for their clairvoyance enhancing effects to heighten their supernatural experience.

During the session, each forced-meat aficionado created four unique elemental sausages in a sausage making masterclass using traditional meat grinders and archaic machinery. Donning the mantle of the bretheren of the sausage they stuffed the spiritual powers of earth, water, air and fire into a waiting tube steak.

While the meats were being cooked, the group were transported into the dark and silent séance chamber underneath the museum. Guests were seated by the host around a Ouija board which slowly communicated and uncovered strange and mysterious messages about guests’ spirit elements. This session connected all guests together and summoned spirits, guests learned about their individual power element. During the session, spirits gradually revealed themselves as the highest point of the pentagram was reached.

The meat-based Ouija board was designed and illustrated specially for the occasion by artist Emma Rios and is available as a limited edition to those who wish to take their sausage quest further into the unknown. For any enquiries email us at

Guests sat down to indulge in a sausage feast to reflect on their experience and enjoy the meats they had prepared at the beginning of the event.

The wondrous quirkiness of The Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities combines dark and occult late 19th century-inspired aesthetics, the golden era of séances. The space is shrouded in shadows to heighten sensory awareness and evoked a hair-raising sense of the occult during the Sausage Séance.

Harry Parr, Director of Bompas & Parr, said: “At Bompas & Parr we have always been fascinated by sausages, and their power to stimulate a powerful response. For one night only we’ll be using the occult lore I picked up from my coven to sausage around with the supernatural. Come be the wurst you can be.”

Sam Bompas, Director of Bompas & Parr commented. “There is an old Austrian saying that I’d like to invoke, ‘Everything in life has an end, except for a sausage which has two.’ Though the saying has been useful in countless scenarios, this is the first time we’ll be using sausages to delve into the unknown. That said, food has been used to foresee the future since the dawn of time – think of ovomancy, tasseography or haruspicy. At last you will be able to look deep into your sausage and find meaning.”

Photography by Bompas & Parr.