Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s steamship, successfully set in 55,000 litres of lime green jelly - SS Great Britain, Bristol, May 2012

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Bristol - May 2012

Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s steamship, the SS Great Britain was successfully set in a vast lime green jelly measuring 55,000 litres by Bompas & Parr.The Merchant Shipping Act of 1867 required all Navy and Merchant Navy ships to provide a daily lime ration to sailors for the prevention of scurvy. The installation studied the culinary possibilities of lime, locking the ship in a fruity gel matrix the length of two Olympic swimming pools. The Gesamtkunstwerk was part of Museums at Night 2012 ‘Connect10’ initiative where the public voted to pair artists with museums and galleries. The evening culminated in the largest jelly feast in the history of mankind.

Photography by Stephen Lewis