Truvia Voyage of Discovery

An emerald green boating lake and crystal island on the roof of Selfridges - London, July 2011

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Selfridges Roof, London, July 2011

Bompas & Parr flooded part of Selfridges roof to create a crystal island and boating lake in celebration of the impending UK arrival of Truvia® calorie-free sweetener, from the stevia leaf. The Truvia® Voyage of Discovery invited visitors to enjoy their first experience of the Truvia® brand and their first introduction to the stevia plant, astonishingly 200 times sweeter than sugar.

The project encompassed an emerald green boating lake, thousands of stevia plants, 12 rowing boats, a gushing waterfall, a life guard, cocktails by ECC, design by Studio Toogood, uniforms by Tour de Force, tropical soundscapes by Dom James, teas by Rare Tea Company, coffees by Caravan, and a Crystal Island - all six storeys above Londons busiest shopping street.

Photography by Nathan Pask, Beth Evans, Nick Westby and Ann Charlott Ommedal. Illustration by Tour De Force.