Bompas & Parr

Kaleidoscope & Bar Neon

Interior design and interactive experiences for two bars in Dublin's 3Arena.
Kaleidoscope & Bar Neon

Blending fantasy and fun before every performance

Dublin, 2014: Two Bompas & Parr-designed bars welcomed music fans at the 3Arena, both launching ahead of a concert by Lady Gaga.

Bar Neon was a custom-designed bar designed in conjunction with EML Architects, with a daring aesthetic somewhere between Blade Runner and Gulliver's Travels, created exclusively for Three and O2 customers.

The 200-capacity venue featured an indoor urban landscape featuring skyscrapers, projection mapping and a custom-built floating mezzanine, with dark surfaces punctuated by graphic elements of colourful, flickering neon throughout.

In addition, the 3Arena Kaleidoscope bar offered a haven away from the main arena, creating a compelling world of its own. Arriving guests looked over a throbbing sequence of airport landing lights before being seated beneath a series of suspended cityscape chandeliers.

A large oculus in the centre of the room features the art installation Kaleidoscope Sky, which lends the bar its name. Bompas & Parr collaborated with artist Doug Foster who filmed ink in water to create footage for a mesmerising, hypnotic and disorientating artwork.