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A Love Letter to Cupholders

An irreverent publication devoted to a cultural icon, published by Bompas & Parr Editions.
A Love Letter to Cupholders

An automotive cultural icon

London, 2022: Written as an ode to the beloved cupholder – a beautifully crafted constant in the life of any vehicle owner – A Love Letter to Cupholders explores the object's iconic cultural status.

Back in 2001, Autobytel survey from 2001 revealed that 27% of all car buyers would switch brands because of the cupholder. By 2006, the cupholder had become a defining factor in car choice (a 2006 Wall Street Journal article claimed that 58% of car buyers saw cupholders as somewhat or extremely important when purchasing a car).

Today, the cupholder is featured in most modern-day car models in abundance. Having begun life as an innovation, then been adopted as a luxury, it has now become all but necessity.

Featuring exhilarating never-before-seen content:

- Interviews with industry leaders from the likes of Matthias Junghanns, Head of BMW i Interior Design

- In-car energised drinks recipes

- Cupholder anatomy musings