Bompas & Parr

AI Banquet

Technology, theatricality and cutting-edge gastronomy combine in this arresting dining spectacle positioned at the nexus of the past and the future.
AI Banquet

Reframing perceptions as technology bites

New York, 2022: AI Banquet with Bompas & Parr was a future-focused world-first, designed for the GREAT Campaign – the UK government’s international promotional programme. This event supported the campaign in encouraging US audiences to see a different side to the UK.

The dining concept was driven by British innovation in the realms of artificial intelligence, science, culinary spectacle, architecture and theatre, and was created to inspire fresh ideas, challenge conventional logic and stimulate minds around the idea of what the future may bring.

Technological innovation, theatrical techniques, contemporary gastronomy and British design flair combined to allow attendees to revel in a dream dinner party of iconic British figures brought to life through the use of state-of-the-art UK AI and creativity.