Bompas & Parr


An enchanting experience bringing the magic of the Northern Lights to Dubai for the festive season 2022.

An atmospheric and evocative immersion

Dubai, 2022: For the festive season, Bompas & Parr brought the Northern Lights to Battuta Mall, Dubai. Audiences were transported conceptually to the planet's polar regions to experience what is renowned as one of the world's most miraculous atmospheric phenomena for themselves.

The studio's artificial aurora borealis chamber took the form of a fractured North Star, using projection-mapping and mirrored structures to create a unique light experience that leveraged understanding about plasma and electromagnetic waves.

Before entering the installation, visitors had the chance to explore the northern lights as seen from different planets using three telescopes, each embellished with a specially designed light-box that interpreted the various atmospheric conditions found throughout our solar system. Additionally, a mini museum captured the magic of myths and legends surrounding Earth-based aurora.

Visitors then left the mall behind and journeyed to the Northern Hemisphere through an enchanted portal. At the centre of the experience, visitors were able to experience a plasma ball showing real aurora light beams. Enveloped in scents of the forest and icy soundscapes generated by a theremin, they experienced the northern light projections that changed in intensity and colour based on the musical frequencies.