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Benham & Froud

A gateway to glorious gelatine-based gastronomy – and the perfect gift!
Benham & Froud

Rediscovering classic culinary charm

London, 2020: Benham & Froud revives the fortunes of the British company, founded in 1785, that once made the ‘Rolls Royce of jelly moulds’, all stamped with a signature orb and cross.

The company was established in Chandos Street in 1785 as a coppersmith and brazier, and has a history that mirrors the rise and fall of jelly as a dish. In 1821, they made the replacement orb and cross for St Paul’s cathedral and adopted the famous sigil that marks the most remarkable historic copper jelly moulds of yesteryear.

Bompas & Parr started out as an artisanal jelly company in 2007. The initial aim was to launch a jelly product. Our first architecturally designed jelly mould was, by chance, St Paul’s Cathedral. Along the way the studio was positively distracted by many spirited culinary adventures. Now, through the launch of Benham & Froud, the true wobbly calling has been rediscovered.

The Ambition​ - Quality is Paramount

Benham & Froud jellies distil more than a decade of radical jelly experimentation into simple, use-at-home jelly cubes that offer a gateway to gustatory creativity. These are supported by seasonal collections of luxury copper moulds. Benham & Froud restores jelly, once one of the greatest British dishes to its pedestal of culinary glory.​

The distinctive Benham & Froud moulds are available to purchase via Available in boxes of two, these moulds will take your jellying adventures to new heights.