Bompas & Parr

The Complete History of Food

An edible exploration of England's storied past, spanning 730 years of food history.
The Complete History of Food

An epic exploration of England's culinary heritage

London, 2010: The Complete History of Food took the form of an experiential meal, charting key periods in England's glorious culinary history, introducing guests to the storied, and often bizarre, realm of food history.

Hosted at 35 Belgrave Square, the building's rising storeys chronologically represented the evolution in beliefs, philosophy and fashions relating to food from the Middle Ages through to ideas that have shaped 21st-century cuisine.

With a walk-through immersive dining experience as well as the meal itself, visitors traveled through time while consuming food and drink from some of London's top restaurants, charting a course through Medieval, Renaissance, Victorian and the contemporary dining scene.

The installation included a flooded dining room and a recreation of the epic 1853 Iguanodon Dinner, while culinary provocations included meat-based Ferrero Rocher and the world's first bio-responsive food – a jelly that pulsated and changed colour in response to your heartbeat.