Bompas & Parr

Crazy Golf

A nine-hole miniature golf course exploring the Utopian vision of our capital city presented as cake.
Crazy Golf

The capital city as cake

London, 2012: Seven architectural wonders of London immortalised as teatime-inspired obstacles: this nine-hole mini golf course explored the Utopian vision of the capital city as cake.

Novelty golf and exciting food are longtime bed-fellows – El Bulli, once renowned as the world’s best restaurant, in fact started life with a miniature golf course. That cultural connection has since been severed, so the studio's Crazy Golf activation for Selfridges sought to restore the association.


The course might be said to have renewed the store's status as London’s premier golfing destination – in the 1930s the department store boasted a golf course, pleasure garden and café – oh, and a flight simulator.

One final detail: our scorecards were impregnated with the delightful almond smell of Bakewell tarts.

Photography by Ann Charlott Ommedal, Selfridges and Catherine Losing.